Join us for the 25th physician assistant conferences California 2020– one must the attend event since it is specially designed for health care assistants who are experts in Primary Health Care, Sports Medicine and general health care specialists.

Dates and Location

The 2020 physician assistant conferences take place on June 5-9, 2020 at the Royal Resort, California. This resort act as the California’s most appreciated and high rated beautiful location.

Summary- The Physician Assistant Conferences

The physician assistant conferences is basically a non-profit, qualified annual 5-day Ongoing Medical Education program specifically held for the assistants of health professionals who are interested in learning more details about treatments, patient care, assisting surgeons during surgeries and ways to helps chief doctors in a better way. The conference is the approved and you will get CME certification if you fulfill the course as directed.

CME Certification

24 Hours AAFP CME Credits. Participants need to engage 20 hours in classroom, 4 hours in discussing sessions. The participants can get Continuing Medical Education Certificate as a result of the successful completion of this course.

Course Overview

The main motive of this physician assistant conference is to provide beneficial info in the areas of general medicine, exercise science, general health care and analyzing patient’s medical history that doctors can use to take care of their patients. At the end of this course, participants will be asked to write feedbacks and apply lessons they learned during the sessions. This is done in order to make the class beneficial and the course an amazing.

CME Certification

CME Certification is approved for up to 24.20 Suggested credit(s) by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Physician assistants must privilege only the credit proportionate with the degree of their participation in the activity. The classroom hour is 20.22 and time will be allocated as 4.0 hours. Participants who perform well during the sessions can receive CME certification and enhance their career.

World Class Faculty

The conference faculty is an amazing collection of some of the well-known health care doctors in exercise medicine and health care.

Extraordinary foods and speech by our dedicated professionals

We are planned to provide special lunches and talks which are getting better each and every year.

Course Highlights

24 Hours AAFP Continuing Medical Education Credit

World-famous Faculty discussing leading edge patient-care topics

Talks given by world’s best chief doctors and surgeons

Entertaining courses seems to be perfect for the participants